About Us

Who are you?

We're Row Boat Press. It says so right there in the URL.

This is the direct-to-you side of our printing business, Seattle Show Posters. We found there was some confusion around our old name, since we do so much more than posters, sell so many places other than Seattle and don't do show prints much anymore. Hence, Row Boat Press! 

Mostly we are Rick and Amber. Our kids are too little to help, but our dog Lucky pitches in when he's not too busy barking at unseen evils.

Where are you located?

We have a large printshop / warehouse on the North end of Seattle, enough room to make us feel bigger than small, but smaller than big.

What do you do?

We design beautiful things. We play with mediums. We think up clever shirts. We take pictures and turn them into illustrations and turn those into affordable art. Oh, you were asking about the technical side? Have a look at Seattle Show Posters, the printing side of our business.

Do you do custom work?

Of course! Let's talk! We've been doing custom work from the very beginning.

Can I have a job? An internship?

In a word: no.

We like when people visit. You're very welcome to come by and see your posters coming off the press or watch your shirts on the conveyor. We'll even let you pull some prints, if you like. But we don't have any openings – not even for internships.

Not that we're not flattered that you asked.