Here comes winter November 05 2012, 0 Comments

Less than a month away from the show season, and we have been BUSY! A bunchload of new posters, some new shirts, and by December our card selection will be enormous.

Things kick off with Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, then Portland and San Francisco. Can. Not. Wait!

AssembleBlog gets an office makeover September 21 2012, 0 Comments

Quick! Go have a look at the office redo Andie did over at AssembleBlog!

Fantastic work from talented ladies.

Check this out.

July 21 - 22: Renegade Craft Fair SF July 15 2012, 0 Comments

July 21 and 22, come say hi at the Renegade Craft Fair at the Fort Mason Center. We'll have a handful of new posters and a limited number of framed prints on hand. This is our favorite show of the year... can't wait!

Emily and Daniel frame a print January 11 2012, 0 Comments

 What a nice process thread about framing the Tools Of The Trade print!

Congrats to Our Waldo Bungie, and follow along here!

Genius Bee! July 07 2011, 0 Comments

We teamed up with dear friend Kiku to print a very limited edition of her Genius Bee print... available here soon and at our summer shows this weekend.

Here's a quick video of one coming off the press!

Available as a 4-piece set, each image 12" square, for $30. Quite a steal.

This weekend: Craft show blowout! July 05 2011, 0 Comments

We're running around like crazy, doing a bunch of new prints and getting ready for Urban Craft Uprising and Renegade Craft Fair, both July 9 & 10! 

These will be the first times our kitchen and coffee prints will be available, plus we'll have at least one new print: Genius Bee! And if that's not enough to rock your art needs, the I Love You Because print is now available in striking zenlike pewter. Not sure if we'll have those in SF (making frames ahead of time and shipping them there is a challenge), but they'll be here waiting for you when you're ready.

Kiku will be working the show in Seattle. She's a treasure and collaborated with Row Boat Press on the Genius Bee print. Rick will be in San Francisco for day 1 of Renegade and our dear friend Stephanie will be there on day 2.

Come say hello! We're nice!

Summer shows rising May 23 2011, 0 Comments

Every summer we hit the road with a stack of prints, a box of shirts and a healthy dose of vitamin C. This summer will be no exception.

We just finished the Maker Faire in San Francisco, surrounded by a bunch of steampunks and inventors.

Next up we have Urban Craft Uprising July 9 & 10 and Renegade Craft Fair that same weekend back in San Francisco.

Renegade LA happens July 16 and 17, and then there's a small break as we ramp up for Flatstock Seattle and Renegade Chicago.

Whoo, with all the new prints we're doing and all the traveling, this is going to be a[nother] crazy summer.